Dear Valuable Customer of SNBD Host

We are really sorry to say that due to violation of our terms and conditions, you account has been temporarily suspended by our Authority.
Your hosting account may contain, Viruses, Spams and other Non Acceptable Documents, Plugins, Codes or Pirated items. Please Do Contact Support as soon as possible.

  1. Go to our Client Dashboard and
  2. Click On Support
  3. Write us a Ticket Regarding you issues, and be sure that your hosting account will be terminated
  4. We will not take any backups, so all you can do is request us for a backup

Please Click What to do button for more info.

What to Do?

Hello, If you are seeing this then you account has been suspended due to violation of our terms. You may or may not haved paid bills, or our automated system has found viruses on your Account

PLEASE NOTE   We will Terminate your Account after your Ticket    If you want backup you need to ask us   In general we take 24 hrs to Make a fresh Account   If you Violate again, we will Terminate your Permanently   None of your Funds, Money will be returned